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Thank you for your interest in Fiorilli Construction, Inc. Voted one of the 50 smartest and most innovative companies in Northeast Ohio by SmartBusiness Magazine. Since 2001 Fiorilli Construction has provided high quality relationship driven construction services, specializing in every level of commercial, industrial, healthcare, retail, educational, hospitality and residential projects. As a professional member of the American Institue of Constructors, we offer the most comprehensive and progressive general contracting, design build and construction management services throughout the midwest and eastern United states. We are currently seeking passionate, creative, high performing individuals who understand the teamwork and trust that is required in our relationship driven environment. Are you ready to Join our team?

Building Synergistic Authentic Relationships – our #1 priority

This is what we do.  As we pursue excellence and growth plans to become a $100M+ company in the next 10 years, we focus on relationships, people, core values, and cutting edge cool technology to drive product and service innovation, open up new markets, LEAN construction best practices, and maintain exceptional customer satisfaction.  Our culture values talented accountable team members who are passionate about making an impact and is a place where ideas are welcomed and rewarded.  We invest in leadership development and learning, have a low politics / high transparency culture, and believe in giving back to the community.

This is NOT just a job, but rather the Constructor profession is a passion we bring to each and every project.  Which is why we created our Proven Process to framework our relationship vision, the core passion within our Organizational Culture and #1 differentiator within our entrepreneurial system.  We welcome all employees to embrace these principals to advance their careers here.  

We believe in S.M.A.R.T. growth through 10Vision.  Can you rank a company you worked at a perfect 10 based on its relationships, leadership (owning it), professionalism, fun environment, great industry reputation, great benefits and pay, culture and peers, and use of cutting edge cool technology?  Would a company with those qualities be ranked a 10?  We think so and that’s why we call Fiorilli home.  Want to know more?


“The core values. It’s not just something they put on paper but we actually believe and practice them.”

“A strong family feel. Your not a number but a member of the family.”

“We all tried the others but choose to come here. You won’t regret it.”

“I like the BSAR culture of the company. Open and honest  response from FCI personal make this a great place to work. FCI is a place to start your career and to stay the full span of it. Our Owner is a great guy and a leader above the rest.”

” I have only worked for Fiorilli Construction for one year, but having been in the work force for over 12 years, I can honestly say this is the best company I have ever worked for! I have been given so many opportunities already, and I continue to learn new things every day. Fiorilli Construction has truly made me feel like an important part of this “family”, and I am so happy to be here. I look forward to each and every day, and anticipate being here for a very long time!”

“Fiorilli Construction is a committed to providing superior services by a team of professionals. Our number one goal is to develop relationships with our clients to make the construction experience fun. All of our employees are aligned with our company’s core focus and core values. It really is a great place to work.”

“Been in the trades for 26 years and this is the best company I’ve had an opportunity to work with. From the work environment to the outstanding treatment of their employees, it’s been a great experience.”

“Coming from a previous contractor with well over 200 employees in the one branch that I worked in you get used to having the feedback you provide ignored. After interviewing with Carmen I was assured that the ideas and skills that I brought to the company would be valued and I would be able to have an impact on the companies future.”

“After being here for over a year now I would say the close knit atmosphere, and feeling that everyone wants to come to work, has a smile on their face, and everyone has the opportunity to take pride in what they do here.”

“Working here can be very rewarding. The work is busy and tough sometimes, but fair. The company looks out for its employees.”

“The opportunity to be part of something special with people I believe in”

“The passion and commitment of our visionary, our core values, our culture, and because we have an opportunity to be something special”

“That we live our core values and know where were going.”

“I had left and came back to Fiorilli, I had missed the freedom and trust that was given to me here. I found it very hard to work in conditions that forced me to be accountable for decisions made by someone else.”

“The culture, people that work here are motivated positive people I want to be around.”

“Stop looking elsewhere.”

“The commitment to teamwork. The idea of when a system works, great! If it doesn’t, work to change what is broke. Quarterly reviews stand out to me the most.”

“Good People.”

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