From the design phase to the construction phase, Fiorilli Construction is working hard for you. Our on-site construction management includes communication and coordination between all contracted parties and management of general, multiple prime and/or trade contracts. In addition, we manage monthly payment approvals and disbursements, change-order control and negotiations, OSHA safety compliance and the procurement of technical inspections and testing.

All aspects of the construction phase are planned and developed in CPM format. Fiorilli approaches the construction phase with the same team perspective that is used during the design phase activities. Fiorilli meets with the successful contractors to establish a detailed schedule of events for their scope of work and encourages contractors to participate in the development of the project master schedule. Contractors establish ownership of the schedule and, as a result, strive to comply with the adopted plan.

Fiorilli Construction assures the highest quality construction through high performance standards, on-site observations, consistent monitoring/control, and multi-disciplinary expertise. We believe that cost, schedule, and quality control are essential to every successful project. Our in-house technology ensures an on time and on budget completion through contract control, change management, RFI communication management, and submittal tracking.

Fiorilli Construction Delivers… On Time and On Budget.

Construction Phase Scheduling and Quality Control

  • Master Construction Schedule Includes Key Milestone Dates for Bidding, Contract Awards, and Work Implementation
  • Master Construction Schedule Highlights Activity Periods for Major Subcontracts and Material Deliveries

Project Specific Scheduling and Cash Flow Projections

  • Working Construction Phase Schedule is a Detailed Document Used to Monitor and Control Construction Process
  • Establishes Major Control Schedules, Executive Summary Schedules, and Project Cash Flow Projections Allowing Us to Combine All Project Phases for the Development of Overall Master Cash Flow Chart

Constructability Review

  • Interdisciplinary Crosscheck of All Contract Documents
  • Reduces Conflicts, Missed Details, Change Orders, Time Extensions, and Liability Claims
  • Enhances Time Performance and Generates Quality Bids

Planning and Scheduling

  • A Process That Continues Throughout All Phases of Design and Construction