Fiorilli EOS Position Statement


Fiorilli Construction firmly believes the most successful companies and business strategies are based on a strong team awareness of the state of the organization, understanding where it intends to head in the future, and how it intends to get there. To that end, a clear understanding by all of our Company Vision, Core Values, Core Focus, and Accountability Chart is essential. The Fiorilli Entrepreneurial Operating (Belief) System, or EOS, provides this awareness.

The EOS process is a valuable tool that helps better our Organizational Culture, training needs and understand how individuals prefer to communicate and collaborate as a team as we grow.

These days this is called ‘Organizational Culture’, which encompasses values and behaviors that contribute to the unique environment of an organization and represent the collective values, beliefs and principles of the organization. This is one of the major reasons that our EOS along with other Company and individual KPI rhythms are critical to the management of the overall business.

Organizational Culture is a set of shared norms and is a product of such factors as history, product, market, technology, strategy, employees, and management style that guide what happens in organizations by defining appropriate behavior for performance in the work place that affects the way people interact with each other, with clients, and with stakeholders.

The most important key ingredients in any good Organizational Culture are:

  • It’s ownership (the vision for the future and health of the company)
  • It’s employees (the people who get things done, and how they do it)
  • The customer (the consumer valuing the services)
  • The work (the types of things that actually get done, and how it gets done)

Fiorilli Construction’s Long Term Objectives are based on the above values and beliefs. Our Organizational Culture and core business performance measurable are essential to the personnel / fiscal success across our entire operation.

For Fiorilli Construction, our #1 measureable is the strength of our Organizational Culture. Our Culture is our #1 differentiator in the marketplace and is key to the health of our people and therefore the overall organization. If this is not achieved, we sacrifice the best possible future for the Company and its people.