Fiorilli Construction believes that the key to a successful project is developed from a strong partnership at the beginning.

By working with the owner and architect from the start, we are able to lend support and control to the project’s early development. Our services range from the preparation of program/project requirements, total program budget, management plan, cost analysis and control, schedule management, construction management and building commissioning. This process allows for greater control of, and responsiveness to, the objective of each project. We surround the owner with the expertise needed to manage the entire project, phase-by-phase and step-by-step. Our proactive approach provides the direction of a qualified program manager at the earliest stage of a project; setting the tone for the entire project.

Overall, Fiorilli Construction’s program management provides clients cost savings through experienced budget planning and added value by streamlining the entire management process. In the design-management phase, conceptual project analysis, cost estimating, budgeting, schedule compliance, and constructability reviews are provided. Then information gathered during the planning phase is analyzed and recommendations are made to the owner for discussion and additional input. Fiorilli Construction’s seasoned professionals, using reliable investigative and analytical systems, deliver accurate evaluation of existing structural, mechanical, and electrical conditions including their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that may impact investment interest.