Commercial construction like many other industries has struggled over the last year. But with struggle comes growth, resilience, and reinvention. Commercial construction is on the rise. Here are some positive trends that we’re seeing in the commercial construction space.

Modular Construction

Commercial construction firms are moving towards “prefabbing” building components before they get on the job site. Not only does it improve job-site safety, it’s also better for the environment, a more sustainable construction method, and projects are being completed faster and safer than ever before.

With skilled laborers in short supply across the U.S., offsite building has helped streamline construction projects and service a wider range of jobs. And the more companies invest in modular construction, the more the market seems to improve. In 2015, modular-constructed buildings maxed out around five stories. Now, they can reach as high as eighteen.


A few decades ago, it was frowned upon to have one construction company provide all phases of the construction process. More recently, companies like Fiorilli Construction have found great success with being a Design-Build agency. Traditional construction methods are more costly take time much more time. Plus, it removes a lot of the “back and forth” of the bidding process. We expect to see these type of projects increase dramatically in the coming years.

Green Building and Design

Fiorilli Construction has been a proponent of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification program for many years now with a number of in-house LEED certified personnel. It’s a huge part of our business model. From resources and materials to cleanup, energy efficient buildings dramatically reduce energy consumption and increase sustainability. It’s great to see more construction companies catching on and obtaining these certifications. It’s good for our industry and the world!

Regardless of type or size, Fiorilli Construction has the construction resources for safer job-sites, sustainable buildings that reduce energy consumption and a single source, streamlined construction process. Call or email us today to talk about your next commercial project.