3 Year platinum warranty

As part of building long term relationships with our clients, Fiorilli Construction provides a three (3) year Platinum Warranty covering the full cost of labor and materials for repair or replacement of any significant defects and/or deficiencies in aesthetic workmanship or materials originally provided by Fiorilli and/or its subcontractors. No hassles, no hidden fees. Take comfort in no-risk peace of mind, when BUILDING TOGETHER with Fiorilli Construction. It’s great knowing you're covered with the Fio Family exclusive “FCI Platinum 3 Year Extended Warranty” that delivers on the promise of our unique trust-based relationships with the goal of making our clients HEROS in their own story.


Its simple. Upon discovery of any perceived defect in the work and/or materials at the Property within the 3 year period, simply provide prompt notice to Fiorilli, a clear description of the defect and request for repair. Upon receipt of notice, Fiorilli will analyze the root of the problem within 3 days and will provide a S.M.A.R.T. response on any action plan to repair or replace the defect to your satisfaction, under an insured product provided by the FCI Platinum Protection Group, LTD.


Because we build long term relationships with our clients that go heroically beyond the standard contractor/client relationship and make them feel like they are part of the “Fio-Family.” We are with you through thick or thin and care about your built environment's success and performance as much as you do.

No risk, big BUILDING TOGETHER rewards! If the need for a 3 year warranty service call does not arise, you'll get 100% of the price protection premium credited on any future project with us you choose.

Award-winning FCI FINISHES DIVISION service. Should you require warranty service or repair on any of our work, you have our trained in-house Craftsman available on 24 HR call.

PLATINUM PROTECTION not only gives you materials and labor coverage for 3 full years but also includes our exclusive customer satisfaction 24 hour guarantee.

Questions on our policy? Contact our Insurance Manager at: FCI3yrplat@fio-con.com 

Questions on a claim, or to report a claim? Contact our Claims Manager at: Claims@fio-con.com