Our most recent Building Together event was a scavenger hunt at the island of Put-In-Bay!

 We started off the event with a Fio Family lunch and mixer.  We all got a “treasure map” with landmarks around the island  that we had to find. The rule was to get a picture with your team in front of the landmarks and upload that to our teams channel. The first group to get all of the correct landmarks wins the golden treasure! We got into our groups and raced off in our golf carts to officially start the hunt.

 It was fun seeing each other throughout the day at various spots on the island while we competed against each team to get all the landmarks the quickest. The competition was fierce and everyone was racing against the clock while getting to enjoy the beauty of the island and even discovering some places that were new!

We ended the day with dinner at TJ’s Smokehouse and revealed the scavenger hunt results. Everyone did an amazing job of finding most of the landmarks and Team Paradise came in for the win!