Like it or not, it’s winter-time here in the Northern part of the US.  Working in the cold and staying safe on construction job sites can be difficult when the temperatures drop. To help, we’ve come up with five great ways to keep tradesmen warm during their workday. Read on to learn how to stay productive and safe while working in the cold.

Layer Up!

When the temperature drops, you can beat the cold with a good layering system. Multiple layers of clothing are the key to staying toasty even in the coldest weather. The right mix of three types of clothing – a base, middle, and outer layer – can keep you warm and comfortable, no matter the conditions.

  • Base Layer – base layer clothing will make sure your body heat is kept close to you while also allowing sweat to be absorbed into the fabric of your clothes. Sweat directly on your skin is a formula for a cold day, so guarantee to stay away from this by investing in some high-grade thermals that are capable of absorbing moisture.
  • Mid Layer – The middle layer is essential to retain the heat your body naturally produces. The warmth a down jacket provides ensures none of your body heat escapes.
  • Outer Layer – The external layer and/or shell is meant to keep you secure from the direct elements that weather can toss at you including snow, rain, and wind. Standard shells are waterproof and are ranked for various strengths of wind. Consider it in this manner, without a good shell, you are going into battle without any armor.

Remember: it easier to take a layer off!

A Warm Hat and Boots

Many of us have been told, since the dawn of time, that a large amount of body heat is lost through the head and feet. Though science may not be able to confirm it, it is undoubtedly an important factor to consider when leaving the house. It’s easy to forget something to cover your head, such as a beanie, and just as easy to overlook the importance of insulated boots and wet-resistant socks.

Hand Warmers

When trying to protect your hands from the elements, gloves are the most effective way to go. If it is not feasible to wear them and operate machinery, there are other solutions. Pocket/hand warmers are an excellent alternative. You can find these in sporting goods stores or online. Disposable, refillable, and rechargeable devices are all available. You can get through an entire winter with as little as $30 worth of warmers.

Grab an Extra Sandwich

In cold weather, your body’s natural response is to crank up the heat. To keep yourself warm, your body works harder and burns more calories than usual, so it’s essential to give it the fuel it needs with nutritious, protein-packed meals. Bringing some extra snacks to go through during the day is a great way of making sure you have enough energy to keep going and you don’t tire out too quickly.

The safety and comfort of our teams is a top priority. We love our team members working onsite and want to make sure they’re performing optimally even in the cold weather states.

The Fiorilli Construction Family