The new Dominique Moceanu Gymnastics Center began as an idea, turn an abandoned industrial building into a gymnastics center that would embody the best of life’s joy, fun, and hard work. It was an exciting chance to breathe life into something that was once left to die.

The scope included building multiple pits ranging in depth from 2 feet to 8 feet, tearing down an existing mezzanine and building a completely new structure, building out 4,400 square feet of office space, and installing the gym equipment.

During the preconstruction phase, we identified a fast-tracked 60-day schedule was necessary to meet our clients opening day since camps had been primed and booked. Knowing that our client’s success, and hitting her opening date, was depending on our ability to maintain material selections, lead times and schedule. Dominique’s heart and soul were invested in this project and we could do no less. The project team worked overtime, nights, and weekends to complete the work and, ultimately, we succeeded finishing the work planned in the original 90-day schedule in 60 days, just in time for the grand opening.

Dominique Moceanu’s passion was what drove this renovation. She was the soul and the motor of this project and her vision was tactile and apparent. Now finished, the building speaks for itself – open, airy and built to foster future gymnasts for decades. Containing a huge tumbling floor, multiple balance beams, horses, pommels, trampolines, ropes, and even a climbing wall, it’s perfect for fostering a love of gymnastics for both young and old. I was honored to be chosen to lead this unique project.