FCI Employee becomes Green Advantage Certified

Fiorilli Construction, Inc. is happy to announce that Andrew Ball, Operations Associate, recently became a Commercial Green Advantage Certified Practitioner.

In order to become a Green Advantage® Certified Practitioner, individuals must demonstrate foundational knowledge, comprehension, application and ability to analyze green construction concepts, materials and practices by passing a Green Advantage® exam.  The exam focuses on how to ensure successful green building projects and reduce risks associated with green building, emphasizing supervisory perspective.   To pass this exam Andrew had to understand the application of green building methods, materials, and 600+ green building best practices.  The exam also emphasizes meeting and exceeding green project goals related to building performance, worker and occupant health and safety, crew collaboration, and costs.

“The dedication and hard work that Andrew showed in earning his certification shows not only his commitment to the company, but also our clients.  Becoming a Green Advantage Certified Practitioner not only supports the company’s efforts in sustainable practices and green building, but is also a great proof of our Core Value of having a staff of cutting edge cool team members.” said Carmen Fiorilli, President.

Green Advantage offers the longest standing green building certification targeted specifically to construction field personnel across trades. TGA Certified Practitioner™ is the only green builder certification designed specifically for construction personnel that is accredited by the American National Standards Institute.  For more information visit https://greenadvantage.org/.