Hiring safe, reliable, and hard-working construction workers isn’t a simple task, and given the current environment it’s especially challenging to get quality construction workers. Keeping a few tips in mind anytime you are hiring a new employee is essential to avoid potential unforeseen problems that may arise in the future.

Check References

This is the quintessential “no brainer”.  Always verify references and referrals you are provided with during the hiring process. Checking references allows you to feel confident in your choice of a new construction worker with the knowledge that they are truly competent to handle the job you are offering. If construction workers are using drugs on the job, you run the risk of losing clients or even potentially causing damage to any job site you are working on, leading to a loss of revenue and a tarnished reputation.

Background Checks

Whenever you receive an application from a promising candidate it is important to conduct a background check before moving forward with the hiring process.  There are many companies that will do “one-off” background checks and it will be the best money you ever spent.  Background checks verify that individuals have not committed heinous crimes or have any other damning information in their history. When you do not require applicants to pass a background check, you run the risk of hiring a potential thief or a violent offender, which may lead to issues in the future while on the job.

Drug Testing

Require that all new potential construction workers in your crew complete a thorough drug test before adding a new applicant to your payroll. Drug tests provide peace of mind and ensure your employees are working sober and with all of their faculties in working order. Depending on what you want to test for, urine, blood, hair, saliva, and breath tests are the most common employment drug tests.  The last thing anyone needs is someone in an altered chemical state operating heavy machinery on a multi-million dollar project!


Inquire about seeing portfolios from individuals who claim to have worked in construction for years or even decades. Portfolios provide insight into the quality of work an individual is capable of producing along with the type of style they are most familiar with while working.



It’s not a requirement, but be on the lookout for construction workers who have a passion for building and getting creative on the job. Identifying candidates that align with your core values make for quality, long-term employees who often have an extremely great work ethic and are willing to give the job their all regardless of the task at hand.

Taking the time to conduct adequate research on each applicant who is interested in working for you is ideal to avoid problematic issues with new hires in the future. Knowing how to properly vet and hire safe and reliable construction workers is a way to put your mind at ease while ensuring you have made the right decisions.