There are so many natural disasters in the world today, it feels more pressing than ever to build more sustainable by preserving resources and minimizing our environmental footprint.

Green Building Standards

When considering green building, green building standards is your starting point.  These standards vary by state, but in general, the process of approval is the same.

Resources, energy use and water efficiency are some of the criteria used to score a building’s sustainability.  Working within this criteria will increase your sustainability rankings.

Putting environmentally friendly choices first may cost more short-term, but typically have a good ROI long-term.  Plus – it’s good for the earth!

Reduce Emissions

Reduction in emissions can make a big difference in efforts to build more environmentally conscience.  Simply choosing a lower carbon concrete mix can reduce the amount of unhealthy byproducts into the atmosphere and make a hug impact in efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

Find and Use Recycled Materials

With the rising cost of materials, it’s a good idea to look at alternative solutions that are not only sustainable but can affect your bottom line.  There are many companies who focus on recycling material for re-use. 

Evaluate Waste Disposal Methods

This is a big one!  There are lots of of ways to dispose waste efficiently.  Like on the job site for example: bottom dump hoppers are more efficient than conventional hoppers and help with waste disposal.  Simple, yet effective!

Plan Ahead With Materials

Eliminate waste when cutting materials by “prefabbing”. Prefabrication is building sections offsite then transporting them to the job site for assembly and installation.  Cleaner, more controlled environment, and less waste to fill up dumpsters onsite.

Turn those Engines Off

Construction sites buzz with heavy equipment like bulldozers and backhoes that use a lot of energy just doing the jobs they’re intended to do.  Leaving them running idly while not working is not only incredibly wasteful, but can be dangerous and increase the chances of injury on the job.  It’s important to let your crews know upfront that you’re committed to green building and they must adhere to those standards at all times!

At Fiorilli Construction, we are committed to green building and sustainability. We recognize our responsibly for being a good steward of the environment. We emphasize education and training for staff and work to improve our ability to deliver green buildings to our clients.

It can be difficult to know where to start but LEED Accredited Professionals on staff like here at Fiorilli Construction,  we are a knowledgeable resource for LEED planning, design, construction, and certification.