We had our Q4 Town Hall meeting on Friday, October 4th. Each department presented their accountabilities and explained how they accomplished them. We also looked ahead into Q4 and presented our upcoming accountabilities for next quarter and how we plan on accomplishing those goals that were set amongst ourselves.

Here at Fiorilli, we have something called “Dream Boards.” Upon onboarding, each employee fills out a worksheet with their dreams and personal goals that they would like to achieve in their lifetime. Once a year, the Dream Committee will choose a few team members and make those dreams come true. During the Town Hall, we had 4 team members that were chosen to fulfill one of their dreams off their Dream Boards.

After the Town Hall meeting, we had a Building Together event which was the Cornhole Tournament & Appetizer Competition. We had some delicious choices including Mini Taco Burritos, Soft Pretzels with Beer Cheese, Chili Dip, Steakhouse Meatballs and more. It was a perfect crisp fall day for some outside cornhole and appetizers. 

Stay tuned for our next Town Hall meeting in Q1 of 2020!

Congratulations to the winners of the Cornhole Tournament & Appetizer Competition (pictured from left to right): Shawn Dooley, Bryon Fogl and Rick Noviks!