Multi-family communities have started to pop up everywhere.  In order to stay competative, you need to know what amenities will help you attract the best tenants. It’s not necessary to compete with everybody, but it’s good to know what they offer.  In addition to spacial elements, owners should consider the type of lifestyle modern tenants are looking for.  Here are some recommendations.


On-Site Gym

Working out is a part of many people’s routine, and getting in shape is also a on many others’ bucket lists. With a quality gym on premis, prospective people can see themselves being more inspired to workout with a gym being in close proximity.  Gym regulars with see huge value in not having to pay for an additional membership to a club they may have to drive to vs. walking.  Others may see it as an easy way to start living a healthier lifestyle.  Who doesn’t want that!?


Green spaces as huge value to any community.  The ability to have an outdoor space at their disposal is a giant benefit.  Parks can be used by a number of different lifestyles and ages.  Some will appreciate serine surroundings to bird watch while others will appreciate a dog park or playground for the kids.  You could even do a community sponsorsed garden!  How cool would that be?

Laundry Room

Many modern communities will have washers and dryers in every unit. But if you’re not planning to provide that convenience, you can alway   makes it easy for tenants to perform one of the most basic and essential household chores. In addition, a laundry room can boast larger washers and dryers that will easily allow tenants to run heavier loads. While your at it, consider vending machines that sell common laundry products; teaming up with a local dry cleaner and tailor will allow you to extend the highest quality of service to your building’s residents.

Remember to focus most on your average tenant’s needs first — think functional before fun. People love flair, but high-quality functional amenities that make their daily lives more convenient are more likely to make the sale.

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