About Us

Family at the Heart of Everything We Do

We understand that authentic relationships are key to achieving excellence. That's why we don't settle for the standard contractor-customer relationship and instead welcome you as part of our "Fio-Family".

We believe in treating you like family as we know that you would demand only the best for your family. We "Get It" and understand the importance of your trust in getting things done right the first time.


Who We Are

Our #1 Differentiator is our Culture, Core Focus, and Core Values.

We focus on delivering construction excellence through a customer-centric approach and Building Synergistic Authentic Relationships (BSAR). Our innovative culture and passionate employees have earned us both a SMART Culture Award and a SMART 50 Innovation Award from Smart Business Magazine.

Building Together, we nurture better building experiences and relationships every day.



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What We Stand For

Our Core Values: The Pillars of Our Excellence

Building Synergistic Authentic Relationships:

We prioritize going beyond the "standard contractor" expected relationships, giving more than expected, and always putting the team first. We know our contribution is invaluable, and we expect the value we deposit into any relationship bank account to return rewards for all. We are confident that as your trusted partner, we will be an asset to your team and help you achieve success.

Always A Pro:

Our construction company values professionalism above all. We consistently exhibit respect, integrity, and accountability. We never compromise on our commitment to safeguarding our client's goals, reputation, and relationships. We strive to earn your trust and stand out from our competitors.

Cutting Edge Cool:

We're a tech-savvy construction company that's virtual, mobile, and digital. We use cutting-edge software platforms and strategies to streamline our processes and improve efficiency. We push the boundaries of what's possible with weekly Virtual Tours and operate with industry leader and premier construction software Jonas Premier.

Integrity In All We Do:

Integrity for Fiorilli Construction means following through on commitments, being transparent and honest in business dealings, and treating clients, team members, and trade partners respectfully and fairly. Doing the right thing every time, even when no one is looking, because that is what we believe in.

Own It:

We are "all in" fully committed and hold ourselves accountable within any project team. By taking ownership of our actions, we ensure decisions are in line with project success and our core values. Transparency is key; we communicate openly and honestly with clients, trade partners, and team members. Together, we are responsible to one another and our collective success, fostering a collaborative environment for the greater good.

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Core Focus

Our unwavering commitment to delivering construction excellence fuels our daily motivation and guides every business decision. Each team member embraces accountability, ensuring decisions prioritize the effective allocation of time, energy, and resources for maximum impact. When united into one focus, our unique abilities reinforce our commitment to authentic relationships, meticulous construction delivery, and a customer-centric approach that goes above and beyond industry standards.

  • PURPOSE: Delivering Construction Excellence

  • PASSION: Building Together

  • NICHE: Customer-Centric Focus

Management Team

Servant leadership is not a starring role. It's about nurturing careers and business. True leadership describes the unification actions of functional managers and coworkers working together to achieve mutual professional and personal goals jointly—it's a collaboration.

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Carmen Fiorilli

President + Yoda Master
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Alan Longstreth

Director of Client Services
AImee M

Aimee Millward

David Netzband

David Netzband

Vice President, Field


This is our team, a lot of smiling, happy people who are building together every day.

Ready To Build Together?

Interested in joining our team or ready to discuss your project needs? Email us, and a team member will get back to you within 24 hours - we guarantee it!