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Our Extended Warranty Guarantee for Commercial Construction Projects.

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At Fiorilli Construction, we prioritize enduring relationships with our clients. We're committed to your satisfaction long after standard warranties expire, a level of dedication often rare in our industry. With our "FCI Platinum 3-Year Extended Warranty," we cover the complete cost of labor and material costs for repairing or replacing significant defects or deficiencies in aesthetic workmanship or materials. This warranty ensures your peace of mind without hidden fees or hassle, providing coverage well beyond the norm for a lasting partnership with us.



Fiorilli proudly offers an exclusive THREE-YEAR Platinum Warranty, a value-added service exclusively for our valued customers. While the industry standard is typically one year, we go beyond convention. Our commitment to Building Together naturally leads us to provide an extended warranty, aligning with our long-term commitment to our relationships.

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How It Works?

If you discover any defects in work or materials within three years, you can request repair. Fiorilli will provide an S.M.A.R.T. response detailing the action plan for repairing or replacing the defect. We have trained in-house craftsmen available on 24-hour call if you need warranty service or repair. This service is covered under an additional premium you can purchase from the FCI Platinum Protection Group, LTD.

No risk, big BUILDING TOGETHER rewards! Our PLATINUM PROTECTION plan provides three-year materials and labor coverage and our exclusive 24-hour customer satisfaction guarantee.  If you never use the warranty service, you'll get 100% of the premium you paid credited on your next project with us. 


FCI Platinum Policy Help Center

Questions on the Platinum Policy? Need to follow up or report a claim?  Contact our Insurance and Claims Manager today and get the help you need.